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How to Build a Dream Design

Total Architecture

As seen on TV, make a home the Monty way. The inside story, every step from dream to reality.

Introduced by Kevin McCloud

peckham house grand designs with monty ravenscroft

As seen on Channel 4's Grand Designs, the opening glass roof and sliding bed bath typify this unique and extraordinary response to the constraints and opportunities of a tight budget on an ‘unusable’ brownfield site...

"...It's full of, it's built of, exciting original ideas. This could have been, you know, one big failed experiment but thanks to the genius of Dr Monty it's not only an engineering success, it's a beautiful house..."

Kevin McCloud

Sliding Roofs

"The ultimate in moving architecture from massive glass, blade sharp stainless frames and sliding roof, door or wall; horizontally, vertically or simply rotate. Effortless elegance at your finger-tips....".

hidealoo space saving bathroom wetroom ensuite or shower basin toilet

HIDEALOO, The Retractable Toilet

Monty was looking for a way to create a discreet toilet solution for the bedridden state of his father's final years. Hidealoo was developed for his own use. Fold away the toilet into a cabinet or cavity space creating flexible and multi-functional spaces in small bathrooms, wet rooms, cloakrooms and utility rooms.

Hidealoo fold away toilet

Open House London 2019

Open House London 2019 at Peckham House. Photo Gallery: extraordinary sliding glass roof with Monty Ravenscroft and his NEW space saving Hidealoo system by design director Monty Ravenscroft.

Open House London 2019

Grand Designs special 20th Anniversary Episode

Marking the 20th anniversary of Grand Designs, architect Kevin McCloud, will take a look at his favourite top 5 builds over the 20 years of filming Grand Designs. The one-off show, catchily called "Kevin's Grandest Design", 28th August 2019.

Grand Designs 20 years
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Top Grand Designs TV Houses

With more than 100 projects to choose from, Grand Design's Kevin McCloud had a tough job to whittle the TV Houses down to the ones that have really stuck in his memory. There have been some real gems throughout the time that the show has been on air.
Peckham House was chosen as Kevin McCloud's Grand Designs fourth best house of the entire history of the series.

Grand Designs best houses"
kevin mcclouds top tv houses top 10 monty peckham sliding roof house

Inside Out Homes

Architect Zac Monro extols the virtues of blurring the boundaries between house & garden, and of open-plan living, all overseen by meia design director Monty Ravenscroft.

Inside Out Homes


For 25 years meia have been designing, making and installing bespoke moving elements in architecture. Products include roofs, floors, windows, walls and access systems.

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Grand Designs South London House

See the transformation of this site from empty space to extraordinary experimental Grand Designs house in South London. "Sliding Glass Roof House" aka "Urban Space Pod"

Buy the DVD of the Peckham House Project

As seen on Grand Designs, the opening roof and sliding bed bath typify this unique and extraordinary response to the constraints and opportunities of a tight budget on an 'unusable' brownfield site.
This DVD shows what TV couldn't...

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Studio HA/LF, Dance Classes and Hosts Tango Evenings

Claire now regularly holds dance classes and hosts social Tango evenings in this inspiring studio.

Studio HA/LF, Tango

Live the Dream! Rent Peckham House

Why not see what it is like to live in the contemporary way. 2 train stops from London Bridge or Victoria in central London.

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monty ravenscroft and the famous sliding glass roofs on grand designs south london house with kevin mccloud. read more about monty.

The Ethos of Peckham House

This is the story of some urban wasteland rescued by innovation and will power. It wasn't easy and we proved them wrong. Don't be scared, do it too, but take the tips, save some pain and use us as an example.

Suppliers to Peckham House

List of project suppliers from massive glass structures to stainless frames, doors, pictures and taps.

Peckham Suppliers
kevin mccloud and the famous sliding glass roofs on grand designs south london house with monty ravenscroft and claire loewe.

Get in Contact and chat about self-building

As per Grand Designs, the opening roof, the retracting loo and sliding bed-bath typify this extraordinary response to constraints of a tight budget on a brownfield site. This is a house built with the help of many friends and a few professionals. It was built on a piece of brownbelt in a place that most thought couldn’t be lived on at all, let alone in some style.