Monty Ravenscroft at it Again with Retractable Toilet

Peckham House 15½

Way to Hide the Whole Bathroom, Even in Plain Sight

Breaking news in retractable bathrooms. That Monty has come up with a way to hide the whole bathroom - even in plain sight and talk about a space saving bathroom. See how he's folding all that 'washing-pooing' thing into the wall of your bedroom.

We're driven by one simple question: "How can we improve elegance, maximise space, and benefit more in our homes today?".

Why not change the way you use something every day, totally transform the unused space in your home. In an age with ever improving hygiene and aesthetic design, why not also gain more space. Add facilities, de-clutter and grow value in your property.

It's Time To Make More Of Your Home!

hidealoo, changing the way we think about something we do every dayHidealoo is a ground-breaking retractable toilet mechanism. It's a unique solution for small spaces or for discreetly creating an additional toilet in your home, View the Hidealoo.

hidealoo space saving bathroom basin and toilet the standalone
hidealoo space saving toilet discretionary unit
monty ravenscroft inventor of hidealoo and designed by monty ravenscroft