Monty Ravenscroft's Peckham Glass Sliding Roofs

Peckham House 15½

Inside Out Homes, 2016 on Channel4

Architect Zac Monro, engineer Monty Ravenscroft and gardener Rosie Bines use imagination, technology and ingenuity to tear down the walls of seven houses across Britain, creating homes and outside spaces that unlock the potential of living inside and out like never before.
Channel 4's Inside Out Homes

Grand Designs Peckham, Acting, Film Producing

Monty Ravenscroft is a part-time actor and film producer, as well as an "engineering wiz", and known for elegant Glass Sliding Roofs.

Film and TV Appearances

Monty is probably best known for his exploits on Channel 4's Grand Designs, with Kevin McCloud, in Series 5 Episode 1 with the initiative glass sliding roof construction.
His acting appearances include Four Weddings and a Funeral in which he played Henrietta's ("Duckface") new partner at the third wedding.

Grand Designs, Series 5, Episode 1 - Peckham, 2005

Kevin McCloud meets Monty Ravenscroft and Claire Loewe, who can't afford to buy a house in London and have decided to build on a dirt-cheap sliver of land in Peckham.

Revisited - Peckham: The Sliding Glass Roof House, 2007

Engineering whiz Monty Ravenscroft built an extraordinary experimental home in Peckham. Kevin returns to see how it suits Monty and his partner now they have a child.

inside out homes featuring meia design engineer monty ravenscroft
monty filmed at peckham house as seen on grand designs and revisited
monty ravenscroft in four weddings and a funeral