DVD How to Build a Dream Design Peckham

Peckham House 15½

Kevin McCloud & Peckham House - excellence in moving architecture

Introduced by Kevin McCloud
"...It's full of, it's built of, exciting original ideas.."
"...thanks to the genius of Dr Monty it's not only an engineering success, it's a beautiful house..."
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15½, How to Build a Dream Design

As seen on Grand Designs, the opening roof and sliding bed bath typify this unique and extraordinary response to the constraints and opportunities of a tight budget on an 'unusable' brownfield site.
This DVD shows what TV couldn't...

Part I - Full House Tour - see it all in detail

View each room and see all the ideas for space saving and light use. The opening roof, a pull out basin, a bath under a bed, the bed on a draw, the shower in a light.

Part II - From Dream to Build - the steps - the tricks

Monty goes through all the steps to make it happen;- finding sites, buying sites, concept planning, actual planning, planners, neighbours, finance and the team.

Part III - The Actual Build - from mud to masterpiece

The breakdown; watch it build with full point by point voice over, room by room, stage by stage. Get to grips with the techniques, learn some easy lessons.

Part IV - Particular elements laid bare, each 'deconstructed'

The drawer-basin, the bed-bath, the windup windows, the hidden loo cisterns, the sloping storage, the draw-bed and some simple plumbing.

DVD Details

Running time: 102'
A Retro-juice Production for Pelham Publications
Original Score by Barnaby Robson
© Pelham Publications Ltd MMXIII

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