Planning Key Process to Build a Dream Design

Peckham House 15½

Planning The Peckham House Project explained on DVD

Getting planning was more than obviously key to the whole process and, given that it took us two and a half years, there are far too many lessons we learned than can be trotted out here.

But it is all on the DVD...

This includes how we got the various officers to support our scheme - planning, heritage and conservation...

It also goes through the various politics of the process and how you can approach that particularly complicated element.

And then finally it shows how the design evolved through four versions to bring all the variables into agreement.

Should it be useful you can download these plans - they show early concepts and how they evolved to gain support right through to the final planning application. Also included is a project presentation summary which is a great example of how to explain a scheme without loads of technical drawings. For all these there is a small charge of £2.25 to help cover the cost of this website.

Once you have the drawings if you have any further questions please email Monty away...

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