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Peckham House 15½

Live the Dream...

Rent Peckham House For Christmas

live the dream rent at christmas We are probably to be away for all the festivities visiting relations. Why not see what it is like to live in the contemporary way. 2 train stops away from London Bridge or Victoria in central London, or a 15 minute drive to Big Ben. Parking in the drive for 3 cars, 5 at a squeeze. Enormous home cinema to while away the moments, and the opening roof to have the snow swirling in.

House flexes, as you may well have gathered; but has 2 permanent double beds, and another that slides out as required. The sofa sleeps 2 easily, and gets the clear view of the stars. Main bedroom has space to be sliced in half in the future, so plenty of space for cots and such like.

live the dream rent an experimental house

2 shower rooms and one bath/shower/bedroom with 3 lavatories thrown in for good measure.

The wooden floored dance studio can accommodate cycles, motor cycles or a car for those particularly protective.

rent from us and live the dream at christmas

Concrete floor is warm, so child friendly as well as child proof.

Please email us if interested - not sure of rates, £1k a week or more I guess... make us an offer!

From 1 week to more, if we're back, and you still want to be there, we can stay somewhere else for a while.

Monty and Claire

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